Cormac McCarthy Just Wants To Do Some Editing

You are Cormac McCarthy.  You’re closing in on eighty, considered one of America’s great living novelists, and you want to try your hand at something different.  What do you do?  play mahjong, take cruises, or possibly edit books on quantum physics?  

The last one seems about right:

A report in The Chronicle Of Higher Education reveals that McCarthy, 78, the author of All The Pretty Horses and No Country For Old Men, acted as editor for Quantum Man: Richard Feynman’s Life in Science, by Lawrence M. Krauss, which will be published by W.W. Norton.


Cormac did make a couple of changes to the book which he reportedly volunteered to work on.

“To start with he made me promise he could excise all exclamation points and semicolons, both of which he said have no place in literature. He went through the book in detail and made suggestions for rephrasing in certain points as well.”

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