The Week in Reviews: Harvilla on Screaming Females, Jurgen Fauth, Kraftwerk in New York, and More

“Memory is fallible; no news there. We all tinker with it to suit our needs. Given long enough, a false memory can substitute for a real one, or none. And memory isn’t a single entity, anyway.” – Roger Boylan on The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes at the Boston Review.

“You will never truly grasp the majesty of Marissa Paternoster until you look deeply into her eyes as she solos, which, yeah, good luck with that, even under ideal circumstances.” – Rob Harvilla on Screaming Females’ Ugly

“Jurgen Fauth’s debut novel Kino is a masterfully and innovatively told literary thriller, one that weaves the golden age of German cinema into its tale.” – Not exactly a review, but Largehearted Boy shares his thoughts on Jurgen Fauth’s Kino.

“When only Mr. Hütter was left onstage, his voice could be heard chanting the phrase “music nonstop” on a loop. His mouth wasn’t moving. The music was still playing after they had all left the stage.” – Michael Miller goes to see Kraftwerk do The Man-Machine for Gallerist.

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