Weekend Bites: Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Martin Amis, Willy Loman to Mitt Romney, and More

“People talk about pilgrimages to Graceland or Cooperstown, or to see Saturn Devouring His Children at the Prado, or just to Flushing to get good soup dumplings, so one of the challenges I faced was how to limit the discussion.” Gideon Lewis-Kraus (above) talks to World Hum about A Sense of Direction.

“If Martin Amis hasn’t exactly mellowed with age a certain degree of tenderness has nevertheless entered his more recent work.” – Morten Høi Jensen on Martin Amis at Los Angeles Review of Books.

Brian Morton on “The Madness of Art” at Dissent.

A bad newspaper piece on Death of a Salesman got Steve Almond to thinking…

Did you catch our review of Kawamata Chiaki’s Death Sentences? 

Hanging out with a beekeeper.

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