Afternoon Bites: Hark! A Vagrant Calendars, “The Age of Miracles” Reviewed, Love and Rockets Tattoos, and More

Speculation abounds as to what the Trystero urls mean. (The URL it currently points to weirdly echoes Kevin Dettmer’s thoughts on the Arcade Fire and surveillance art.) Carolyn Kellogg has called the campaign “A very Pynchon mystery,” and — yeah.

The Basilica Music Festival, coming to Hudson in August, sounds pretty fantastic.

Jenn Northington on Karen Thompson Walker’s novel The Age of Miracles: “has the feel of an apocalyptic To Kill a Mockingbird or a more sober True Grit…”

Hark! A Vagrant has 2013 calendars; we are intrigued.

Also in indie-comics news: some awesome Love and Rockets tattoos.

Vol.1 Brooklyn’s Tobias Carroll reviewed Patrick Somerville’s novel This Bright River for Time Out New York.

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