Afternoon Bites: Lidia Yuknavitch Interviewed, Shane Jones on Writing, Gerard Cosloy Vs. The Kingdome, and More

Lidia Yuknavitch, whose memoir The Chronology of Water impressed many readers last year, has a new novel out called Dora: A Headcase. And there’s an interview with her up now at The Rumpus.

Mother Jones has a rundown of the ongoing trial of Pussy Riot. (And of the protests said trial has inspired.)

Behold Infinite Boston, a guide to the locations of a certain beloved David Foster Wallace novel.

Shane Jones has a new novel out today; he also contributed an essay to The Millions on why he writes, and was interviewed at HTML Giant.

Emily Temple would like to recommend some surrealist books to you.

Andrew Shaffer discusses his Fifty Shades of Gray parody Fifty Shames of Earl Grey with Edward Champion.

Gerard Cosloy is not a fan of The Kingdome.

Critical Mob’s summer reading list looks promising.

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