Afternoon Bites: Will Oldham at Grantland, Translating Clarice Lispector, Inside Literary Basketball, and More

Alex Pappademas talked with Will Oldham for Grantland.

Sarah Gerard talked with Johnny Lorenz about his translation of Clarice Lispector’s A Breath of Life.

Details have emerged on Frank Hinton’s first novel, coming soon from Tiny Hardcore Press.

Generally kickass writers Brian Wood and Ed Brubaker have deluxe reissues of their work coming this fall from Image.

WORD’s basketball league got written up in Outside.

Emily Temple has assembled a list of ten noteworthy novels on the immigrant experience.

Andrew Cotto talked with The L Magazine about his novel Outerborough Blues.

Paul Tremblay on Brian Evenson’s Immobility.

Dustin Kurtz talked with New Directions’ blog about bookselling, Samuel R. Delaney, and more.

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