Morning Bites: Taylor Swift Going Gatsby, Nicholson Baker Goes Eno, Yiddish Curses for Jewish Republicans and More

“It’s a fascinating newsbit, mostly because it makes Swift seem like a stage-five clinger, but the real hook was the desperate, Gatsby-esque attempt to situate herself in physical proximity of the upper-crust.” – Anne Helen Petersen talks about Taylor Swift dating a Kennedy, new money vs. old money, and class anxiety. 

Edward Champion talks to Lisa Cohen about All We Knowfor the Bat Segundo Show.

Do book reviewers target women writers?

Nicholson Baker channels his inner-Brian Eno and Arthur Russell in this song he wrote to stop construction of a military base in Gangjeong.

Yiddish Curses for Jewish Republicans is our new favorite thing.

The big endowments of dead rich men.

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