Afternoon Bites: New Marcy Dermansky Fiction, Considering David Byrne, Franklin Bruno on Colony Music, and More

“For most of us, those limbo times are exciting, because the disconnectedness gives us freedom, and nothing is decided yet, and we know we will make choices and step back into the anchored world a little more like the person we want to be. ” Sara Ryan chats with Kio Stark.

Marcy Dermansky has new fiction at Blip.

Melissa Chadburn has a fantastic essay at Salon.

As does Jami Attenberg, at The Rumpus. Also: hot damn, Middlesteins cross-stitch.

Franklin Bruno on the closing of Colony Music.

Brian Gresko on David Byrne at The Paris Review.

Matthew Salesses is interviewed at The Collagist.

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