Vol. 1 Brooklyn Presents: The Collected Blurbs of Gary Shteyngart, Live

Gary showing off all the books he’s blurbed.

You can have a truly amazing novel about to come out that might change the course of American literature for the next half-century, but does it have a Gary Shteyngart blurb on the the cover? That’s really all that matters.

The Shteyngart blurb has become almost a seal of approval that, while comical in the sheer amount of books he’s actually blurbed, are actually really good ways to tell if you’re going to like a book or not.

Inspired by Jacob Silverman’s Tumblr, The Collected Blurbs of Gary Shteyngart, Live brings together John Wray, Rachel Shukert, Adam Wilson, Gideon Lewis-Kraus and Karolina Waclawiak (as well as a few words from Silverman), all authors blurbed by Mr. Shteyngart, for a night of readings and tribute to the Russian-born oligarch of back cover quotes. The event takes place at WORD on Wednesday, November 7th, starting at 7pm.

Some sort of smoked fish might be served.

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