Afternoon Bites: Marie-Helene Bertino, Remixed Philip Glass, Junot Díaz on ”Watership Down,” and More

“Books like Safe as Houses remind me of the feeling I first had reading Lewis Carroll, a feeling that keeps me coming back to genre fiction in all its forms: that some people see the world very differently, and that it’s immense fun to borrow their perspective and see it along with them.” Jenn Northington looks at Marie-Helene Bertino’s collection Safe as Houses.

New fiction from Matt Bell, Amber Sparks, and more can be found in this anthology.

Junot Díaz on Watership Down.

T.C. Boyle talks about his new book San Miguel.

If you’d like to know what Beck remixing Philip Glass sounds like, Pitchfork has you covered.

Managing editor Tobias Carroll profiled Paul Elie, author of the excellent book Reinventing Bach.

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