Announcing: Chris Ruen’s Terrible Idea at WORD

There’s been a lot of talk of indie-rock economics as of late, and Chris Ruen’s book Freeloading should make for a welcome addition to the debate. He’ll be doing a marathon reading of it at WORD on Saturday, October 20th — an event for which we are one of the sponsors. Here’s his description of what that reading will hold (bonus: free beer; free wine; free cheese):

Joe Strummer of The Clash said that “origination is more instinct than intellect,” so perhaps Greenpoint author Chris Ruen can be excused for his categorical abandonment of good sense this October 20th at WORD. To “celebrate” the release of FREELOADING: How our insatiable hunger for free content starves creativity (OR Books), Chris Ruen’s Terrible Idea will play out in the basement space of WORD from 10am to 9pm. Customers and the curious can drop in and out (and in) as Ruen reads his new book from beginning to end, along with a smattering of very special guest readers. All day long, the Small Black Door gallery will be projecting curated artworks by emerging local artists. Chris Ruen’s Terrible Idea will feature free cheese (from Eastern District), wine (Dandelion) and beer (Brooklyn Brewery) at 7pm, with the raspy, delirious author announcing “The End” at around 8pm. It’ll be wild, man; like the climax of Peter Sellers’ The Party, except the psychedelic painted elephant will be replaced by a skinny white guy in a basement ruminating on the deeper meaning of music piracy. Just try to stay away.

The full list of event sponsors includes: WORD, Brooklyn Brewery, Eastern District, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Dandelion Wine, Record Grouch, Sound Fix and Small Black Door.

Facebook RSVP here.

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