Introducing Our Podcast: Audio Indexing #1: Pop!


Vol. 1 loves podcasts. Loves ’em. What self-respecting subway commuter doesn’t? So we’ve been scheming to put one of our own together. Something that highlights the stuff we’ve been thinking about that can only be hashed out on a microphone. Like a reading, but with no glass clinking in the background. With that in mind, on a semi-regular basis we hope to bring you: Audio Indexing, Vol. 1’s first foray into the world of podcasting. Each episode will have a theme, however loose that theme will be, that ties together fiction, stories, reportage, and conversations we find compelling. Or it won’t have a theme, and we’ll just throw a bunch of stuff we love at you. Either way, we hope you like it.

This month’s episode is about music. The music we love unabashedly, the music that brought us out of our shells, the music that forms some part of who we are today. With Vol. 1 contributor Abe Riesman presiding, we have three segments: first, the Vol. 1 editors got a little tipsy and talked about the first albums they ever bought; then we have Maris Kreizman telling a story about the joys of the seventh grade musical; and finally we have reporting from Joe’s Pub on Our Hit Parade, a cabaret show that has been putting on reinterpretations of pop hits for years and is just now closing for good in December.

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  1. A couple things:

    1) I really liked the piece on Our Hit Parade, it was something local that I hadn’t heard of and you portrayed the individuals involved rather well. Good story, good reporting.

    2) I wouldn’t lead off with the unkempt back and forth of the first segment. Not knowing what I was getting into, I was worried that the whole podcast would be drunken banter with the occasional joke. I think that if you clean that segment up there could be something worth hearing, but this episode’s was a rough first step.

    I’ll be looking forward to a second podcast, and I hope that by then you’ll have ironed everything out.