Afternoon Bites: Frank Bill’s Playlist, Washington Irving, New Bleached, Paul Kneale, and More


Frank Bill’s Donnybrook playlist is up.

Iggy Pop digs Iceage and Jazuzzi Boys. We can relate.

“I think London’s iconography is really interesting because it’s so removed from the experience of the city.  In places like New York or Paris you always have the feeling that you’re participating in the filmic experience of the place you have logged in your memory. London’s pop images feel like a flaky concession to that.” Paul Kneale talked with Rhizome.

Ed Champion made his way to  the graves of Andrew Carnegie and Washington Irving in Sleepy Hollow…on foot.

Joe Bernardi on the debut album from Bleached and the legacy of Mika Miko.

Hey, it’s the BBC’s new radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

Dustin Luke Nelson has new poetry up at 3:AM.

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