Morning Bites: Masha Gessen on Leaving Russia, Fitting Bret Easton Ellis, Wallace Markfield, David Rakoff’s College Inspiration, and More



Wallace Markfield was born on this day in 1926. Read this 1982 interview with him.

“I was beaten up in front of parliament for the first time and I realised that in all my interactions, including professional ones, I no longer felt I was perceived as a journalist first: I am now a person with a pink triangle.” – Masha Gessen on why she must leave Russia.

On the “Lit Hum” course that inspired David Rakoff’s posthumous novel.

George Orwell as the “Sage of the Century.”

Buzzfeed tries to explain how how several of the books written by Bret Easton Ellis fit together.

When Brooklyn College snipped their phallic logo.

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