Afternoon Bites: Lish Roundtable, New Girls Against Boys EP, Scott McClanahan, Million Writers Award, and More


“When you think you’re a seducer, it’s probably a lie, and when you are finally being tender, it may actually be a seduction. It’s like vegetarians: The true tragedy of that movement is they don’t understand vegetables. A tomato is more alive than most cows. I can guarantee it.” Scott McClanahan talked with Eric Nelson at The Airship.

The Literarian has a roundtable discussion on Gordon Lish and his influence on literary style.

SPIN has an oral history of Adam Sandler’s They’re All Gonna Laugh at You.

storySouth’s Million Writers Award has announced their notable stories of 2012.

The Rumpus’s Katy Henriksen shares her memories of the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Pitchfork on Girls Against Boys’ new EP, The Ghost List.

Hanging out on Station to Station from Barstow to Los Angeles.

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