Afternoon Bites: Rushdie on García Márquez, Revisiting Pulp, New Nicola Griffith Fiction, Bellow on Film, and More


“We didn’t know what to think about this kind of thing unless we were really on top of our British-identified game. Huh…is this something to do with that Oxfam thing, this look? Something about thrift shop clothes?” Ned Raggett on the twentieth anniversary of Pulp’s His’n’Hers.

Salman Rushdie has written a tribute to Gabriel García Márquez for the Times.

The time Walter Matthau was almost in a film of Saul Bellow’s Humboldt’s Gift

The estate of David Foster Wallace is not thrilled by The End of the Tour.

At, new fiction from Nicola Griffith.

Three Guys One Book has the first thousand words of Maxwell Neely-Cohen’s Echo of the Boom.

Some poetry from Tommy Pico, perhaps?

Jamie Iredell talked with Juliet Escoria for The Atticus Review.

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