Afternoon Bites: Junot Diaz, Molly Crabapple at PEN, Victor LaValle Interviewed, Ellen Willis, and More

Junot Diaz

“Simply put: I was a person of color in a workshop whose theory of reality did not include my most fundamental experiences as a person of color—that did not in other words include me.” Junot Diaz’s “MFA vs. POC” at The New Yorker.

Guernica has posted Ellen Willis’s 1969 essay “Up From Radicalism.”

Chatting with Victor LaValle at the podcast known as The Workshop.

Molly Crabapple talked with PEN.

Jan Elizabeth Watson made a playlist for her novel What Has Become of You.

Andy Beta on the deluxe reissue of Grace Jones’s Nightclubbing.

Paul Ford makes the case for a software canon.

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