Weekend Bites: Richard Ayoade Interviewed, Mother’s Day Lit, Stanley Elkin, Tori Amos’s Latest, and More


This weekend marks the 84th anniversary of Stanley Elkin’s birth. His Paris Review Art of Fiction interview might not make for bad reading today or tomorrow.

“[Dostoyevsky ]’s very good at going into the most uncomfortable areas of people’s personalities in a way that feels unjudgmental, or he has such imagination that he can fully inhabit it without feeling disapproving.” Richard Ayoade was interviewed at The Dissolve.

The editors of Hazlitt and Jen Doll shared their thoughts on Mother’s Day.

Katherine St. Asaph on Tori Amos, at Wondering Sound.

Jason Diamond on Rivka Galchen’s American Innovations.

Want to read an excerpt from Michael J Seidlinger’s The Fun We’ve Had?

Matt LeMay looks at the discography of The Moles.

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