Reading Geoff Dyer On Lawrence, Lethem, and Collaboration


The latest issue of The White Review contains a lengthy interview with Geoff Dyer conducted by Tom Overton. It’s a wide-ranging discussion, covering everything from the influence of John Berger to Jonathan Lethem’s take on nonfiction and citation to D.H. Lawrence to the use of autobiographical surrogates in fiction. And there’s also this, on writing, collaboration, and being an only child:

As [Billy Collins] says, being an only child means that you are always left thinking and feeling: ‘Mmm, my turn again!’ So no aspect of collaboration has appealed to me, and it’s got worse as I’ve got older –I don’t even like to write in public places.

The whole piece is very much worth your time; there’s also a lengthy discussion of how Another Great Day at Sea came to be written. You can read the whole thing here.

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