Taking Mom to the Art Gallery


I’m too cynical about the art world and my upbringing to give “Another Look at Detroit,” a massive exhibition in Chelsea on view at two wealthy art galleries, Marlborough and Marianne Boesky, a fair assessment either way. The show errs on the side of positivity, censoring any images of urban blight, industrial waste or poverty, which is admirable if not entirely accurate. Todd Levin, a Detroiter and veteran of the New York art world, organized it. Ms. Boesky’s father is the banker Ivan Boesky, who was born in Detroit to a restaurateur and, after he was convicted in New York of insider trading in 1986, became the partial basis for Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. Instead of taking it on myself, I brought my mother with me to see what she thought of all this.

Michael H. Miller brought his mom, a Detroit native, to check out Another Look at Detroit, which is currently on display at “two wealthy art galleries” in Chelsea.