Afternoon Bites: Revisiting “Live at the Apollo,” Linda Thompson on Leonard Cohen, Discussing Lena Dunham, Luluc’s Latest, and More


Douglas Wolk has annotated part of his book on James Brown’s Live at the Apollo.

Flavorwire has an extensive roundtable discussion of Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl.

The finalists for Kirkus Reviews’ first annual book prize have been announced.

Linda Thompson wrote about Leonard Cohen at The Talkhouse.

Star Trek IV, in other words, is basically Terry Gilliam’s Brazil without the final reveal.Colin Dickey makes an unlikely case for The Voyage Home.

Pitchfork reviewed the new album from bluegrass legend Alice Gerrard.

There’s new writing from Sabra Embury at Everyday Genius.

Dusted has a fine review of Luluc’s terrific album Passerby.

Revisiting The Go-Betweens’ Spring Hill Fair at Quietus.

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