Weekend Bites: Inside “Repo Man,” Xylouris White, Best Comics, New Brandon Hobson, and More


At io9: a look inside the making of Repo Man.

“There’s a particular flavour of anger that comes with being treated this way, spiced with hatred, and sorrow.” New writing from Andray Domise at Hazlitt.

Joshua Baldwin has new fiction up at n + 1. (We ran his “Letter From Hollywood” earlier this year.)

There’s an excerpt of Brandon Hobson’s next novel in the new issue of The Oklahoma Review.

Abraham Riesman named his picks for the year’s best comics.

Jeremiah Moss discusses ways to save New York.

Mike Pace shared highlights from his year in music and food.

Bill Meyer reviewed Xylouris White’s Goats at Dusted.

The Kernel interviewed David Bazan.

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