Morning Bites: Mairead Case Interviewed, Oliver Sacks, Meredith Graves on Brooklyn Spaces, Unwound Reissues, and More


“I would love for there to be less discussion about indie or not, and more transparency about all the muscle that goes into making a book, from editing to copyediting to proofreading to distribution.”  Adrienne Celt interviewed Mairead Case at Bookslut.

Laina Dawes wrote about Betty Davis for Hazlitt.

Oliver Sacks’s last piece for The New Yorker is about gefilte fish.

Traveling through Greenpoint with Meredith Graves.

Helen McClory recommends work from Rachel B. Glaser.

At Pitchfork: revisiting the last in Numero Group’s series of Unwound reissues.

A look back at this year’s edition of Seattle’s Pizza Fest.

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