An Excerpt From Otava Heikkilä’s “Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord”

Letters for Lucardo cover

Today, we’re pleased to present an excerpt from Otava Heikkilä’s forthcoming graphic novel Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord, currently available to pre-order via Iron Circus Comics. Writing about the first volume in the series at the AV Club, Caitlin Rosberg noted, “Writer and artist Otava Heikkilä created a story that’s full of unexpectedly emotional and sympathetic characters, building a world and a cast that’s evocative and fascinating.”

The publisher describes it as “[a]n erotic graphic novel that redefines a genre,” and observes that “this highly anticipated third installment of the Letters for Lucardo series takes a dark and foreboding turn in a captivating saga of immortal love.”

If you’d like to pre-order tor graphic novel, you can do so here.

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