Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 99: Amy Long)

Amy Long

AMY LONG is the author of Codependence (2019), selected by Brian Blanchfield as the winner of CSU Poetry Center’s Essay Collection Prize. Her work has appeared in Diagram, Ninth Letter, Hayden’s Ferry Review and elsewhere, including as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2019. She also runs the popular Instagram account Taylor Swift as Books

My current favorite thing to read is: Vi Khi Nao’s Suicide, which comes out on 11:11 in March or April 2023. I’m about halfway through. She’s just so good.

My current favorite thing to watch is: Fleischman is in Trouble, based on the book by TSABer Taffy Brodeker-Aker (I think her friend requested it because she’s a Taylor fan, but I didn’t know it was turning into a TV show). It’s great at pacing. I’m also re-watching Conversations with Friends, and Sallie Rooney is TSAB because Taylor loves her, and Joe Alwyn, Taylor’s boyfriend, is in the show. I need to watch the second season of Slow Horses

My current favorite things to listen to are: Midnights and those new Bright Eyes “companion” EPs for the older albums (he’s up to Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, but I don’t know how far up he’s going). 

My current state of mind is: stoned.

My current chemical romance involves: nicotine. My other chemicals are medicines, so they’re not really bad habits, but they let me live in less pain, so I do like them. 

My current words of wisdom are: “Get a dog.”

My current mode of transportation is: a 2004 Toyota Corolla.

My current favorite fast food item is: an iced green tea latte from Starbucks. 

My current workout routine consists of: walking the dogs. Hahahaha.

My current regrettable decision involves: probably the essay I’m writing about an ex who’d kill me for it if he were alive. 

My current hopes and dreams include: world peace and an easy death. 

My current projects and hobbies involve: mostly writing and Taylor Swift as Books. Sometimes I combine them and work on my Taylor Swift book. 


Amy Long is online at

Brian Alan Ellis runs House of Vlad Press, and is the author of several books, including Sad Laughter (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2018) and Hobbies You Enjoy (serialized daily on Instagram: @hobbiesyouenjoy). His writing has appeared at Juked, Hobart, Fanzine, Monkeybicycle, Electric Literature, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, X-R-A-Y, Heavy Feather Review, and Yes Poetry, among other places. He lives in Florida.

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