Writer/Artist Caza on the Genesis of “Arkadi and the Lost Tribe”

"Arkadi and the Lost Titan"

An ongoing Kickstarter campaign seeks to collect the full scope of a stunning work of science fiction comics.Beginning in 1989, writer/artist Caza has been telling the story of Arkadi and the Lost Titan. Publisher Humanoids describes it as “a visually stunning tableaux that blends imaginative landscapes with intricate detail, and classic sci-fi adventure with spiritual and metaphysical exploration.” Regarding the book, Mark Russell called it “the sort of imagination-bending science fiction comic you rarely see.”

Here’s Caza on his approach to psychology and storytelling: “All my characters, in their psyches, are equally divided between Night and Day. They have their two sides: their ‘dark side of the force’ and their light side. I don’t like to say ‘good and evil,’ but rather darkness and light, between the unconscious and the conscious, ignorance and initiation into the secrets of the world…between ‘the known and the forgotten.’ Arkadi lives in a world where much has been forgotten, except in the small technological enclave of Dis, which is a conservatory of knowledge. Even then, knowledge is locked away in computers, like a library run by blind people. The humans who live there, the ‘chosen ones,’ have also forgotten something: their ‘nature.’ As for the barbarians who live on Earth, they know nothing of the past state of our world.”

And here are a few glimpses of the collection. Humanoids’ crowdfunding campaign is running through June 28.

"Arkadi and the Lost Titan" cover


"Arkadi and the Lost Titan" slipcase

Caza lithograph

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