“12 Mate Sips”: An Excerpt From Jackson Bliss’s “Dream Pop Origami”

Dream Pop Origami

We’re pleased to present an excerpt from Jackson Bliss’s forthcoming book Dream Pop Origami: A Permutational Memoir About Hapa Identity, due out next month on Unsolicited Press. Boasting advance praise from Regina King and Porochista Khakpour, Bliss’s memoir abounds with formal innovation and interactive texts. Unsolicited Press describes it as a literary work that “examines, celebrates, and complicates what it means to be Asian & white, Nisei & hapa, Midwestern & Californian, Buddhist & American at the same time.”

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Need A Break From Reality This Summer? The Five Philip K. Dick Novels Everyone Must Read To Escape Our World

PKD books

The great Philip K. Dick authored forty-four novels and numerous short stories over a writing career that spanned about thirty years. Many of his works are outright science fiction classics and he won several major sci-fi awards, including the Hugo Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, but he wasn’t overly concerned with fame or financial success. As he wrote to his writer friend James McKimmey early on his career in letters I oddly wound up with, “My main reason for writing is basically simple. I want to react against society; I’m after impact, not money.” Ironically, Dick achieved most of his commercial and literary success after his death in 1982. All of his novels are currently in print and his work has remained a hot commodity in Hollywood for decades.

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An Excerpt From Lee Matthew Goldberg’s “Immoral Origins”

"Immoral Origins"

We’ve run excerpts from Lee Matthew Goldberg‘s fiction before, and we’re thrilled to do so again — this time, with part of his novel Immoral Origins, the first in a five-part series about a mysterious organization seeking to make the desires of a wealthy clientele come true. Immoral Origins takes the reader back to late-1970s New York City and follows one man who becomes caught up in the organization’s dealings — which soon puts him in danger.

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Folklore Heads West: Inside the Making of “The Golem of Venice Beach”

Golem of Venice Beach

What happens when a centuries-old golem finds himself in contemporary southern California, in a world of skateboarders, tattoo artists, and rival factions with conflicting agendas? That’s the story at the heart of a new book, The Golem of Venice Beach. The forthcoming graphic novel, from writer Chanan Beizer and artist Vanessa Cardinali, features contributions from a host of comics legends. There’s currently a Kickstarter campaign up and running to fund the project. I spoke with Beizer and Cardinali about the graphic novel’s origins and the expansive approach the book takes to a host of artistic styles.

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Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s June 2022 Book Preview

June 2022 books

How, exactly, is it June already? The passage of time is mysterious sometimes, but this year it’s especially so. And the June books we’re most excited about around these parts represent an intriguing cross-section of literary genres and styles. From speculative works to insightful nonfiction; from an influential road novel to a surreal and satirical work — these books cover a lot of territory. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite book on this list.

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