Literary Events Go Virtual in the Time of COVID-19

William Gibson in Second Life

To be a part of the literary community over the last few weeks has involved seeing months’ worth of events rescheduled, canceled, or shifted online. In some cases, this has been due to precautions taken to prevent coronavirus infection; in others, it’s due to writers canceling book tours. The Loft’s Wordplay Festival is shifting from an in-person event to one that will take place in a host of online spaces, for instance. As writers, publishers, and event planners look out at this shifting landscape, a host of questions come to mind. If events aren’t feasible right now, are there alternatives? Are live-streamed readings and discussions the new normal when it comes to literary events? Is there a way to capture that same sense of community that the best literary events held in a physical space can accomplish?

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Sunday Stories: “The Width of Instinct”

The Width of Instinct by Brian Gresko   I tell Max the whole mess starts with the goddamn cat. And then I thunk the bottle of rye on the table for emphasis. Max, following my lead, groans. “The cat?” he says. “Again, Max?” We call one another Max. A nod to our favorite Woody Allen movie. You know, the one where he jokes that he’d never join a club that would want a person like him for a member? I […]

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