Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s June 2022 Book Preview

June 2022 books

How, exactly, is it June already? The passage of time is mysterious sometimes, but this year it’s especially so. And the June books we’re most excited about around these parts represent an intriguing cross-section of literary genres and styles. From speculative works to insightful nonfiction; from an influential road novel to a surreal and satirical work — these books cover a lot of territory. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite book on this list.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s July 2017 Book Preview

Welcome to the month of July. Odds are good that your Instagram has a higher-than-usual percentage of images of books read beside water and sand; odds are good that your social media feed abounds with frustration with humidity, public transit delays, and the joys of summer heat. July also brings with it a fascinating assortment of new (and newly translated) books, from thought-provoking fiction to incisive nonfiction. Here’s a look at some of the books that are on our minds […]

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