Sunday Stories: “Bet You’re Wond’ring How I Knew”


Bet You’re Wond’ring How I Knew
by Daniel Paisner

Okay, so the first thing that needs doing is nothing.  That’s all.  Just lay here a while longer, maybe try not to move.  Keep totally still.  Let the day find you—that’s the phrase she runs through her mind.  

Shari Braverman figures this is something she can handle.  It’s like she’s left herself no other choice.  Jana has left her no other choice.  Shari can’t even remember Jana crawling into bed with her, but here she is, this child, splayed across the body pillow they’ve apparently been sharing.  Jana has always been a restless sleeper, so Shari is careful not to wake her.  Rest with intention, she tells herself.  Shouldn’t be too, too hard, right?  And yet, move a muscle, breathe too loudly, get up to pee and the day will run away from Shari Braverman, just as all the days now run away from her.

Basically, she wants to keep the world from spinning.

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