Sunday Stories: “Eric’s Evening”


Eric’s Evening
by Emma Horwitz

Eric, shoving his cock in and out of the hot cantaloupe he’d sent for a spin in the microwave, took a pause. Someone had just broken into his apartment. This was particularly ill-timed, as Eric had spent the better part of the afternoon getting it up and hard in the first place, jacking himself to hell and back alone in the early morning elevator car, teasing at the sliding skin of his shaft with a rogue hand as he rearranged the tuck of his shirt at work, pinching a nipple on the subway ride home from the grocery store where this particular melon had been selected. He had wanted to tell someone while in transit of the hardening underneath his pants’ zipper, proud of the day’s accomplishment. But, looking around the crowded car, he wasn’t sure who to share himself or his successes with, and so he decided instead to stare at his cantaloupe swaying in its plastic bag, knocking into the knee of another man, traveling with his own items, standing in his own pants, a cock of his own that Eric would likely not see, though not for lack of imagination. 

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Sunday Stories: “Fingering”

Fingering by Emma Horwitz The bathrooms were occupied by girls getting fingered. Occasionally, hand jobs. More occasionally, some other jobs. Long-term relationships were first to the bathroom. By the end of the night, guessing who’d gone was a game to play, and I played it like a professional sport. Mostly, I wanted to be someone other people guessed about.

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