“Sandra Bell: Again”: An Excerpt From Dennis Callaci’s “100 Cassettes”

Dennis Callaci

Dennis Callaci is an esoteric guy. He’s the man behind the excellent indie label Shrimper Records, who have released music over the years by the likes of Woods, the Mountain Goats, and Dump. He’s also a talented musician and writer, with a new album and a new book both set to be released on February 14th. The album is The Dead of the Day; the book is 100 Cassettes. Along for the ride on the former are a group of musicians including Franklin Bruno; contributing an introduction to the latter is Jonathan Lethem.

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Afternoon Bites: Vanessa Veselka on 90s Punk, Revised “My Fair Lady,” Bruce Sterling’s Paranormal Romance, and More

“After dabbling in baroque pop and country, Faithfull drew fresh inspiration from the Sex Pistols and Brierley’s clan in the late 70s, but Broken English is a punk record more in spirit than in sound.” Lindsay Zoladz on the reissue of Marianne Faithful’s Broken English. Vanessa Veselka talked about her time playing in bands in 90s Seattle. Veselka and Lidia Yuknavitch also discussed Lisa Wells’s Yeah. No. Totally. on the Late Night Library podcast. Franklin Bruno on linguistic reworkings of My Fair Lady. The […]

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