Recommended Books: July 2024

July 2024 Books

Are you, by any chance, seeking some reading recommendations for the month of July? Serendipitously, we happen to have a couple of those at the ready for your perusal. We’re thrilled that a couple of old favorites of ours are returning with new, genre-defying books this month; throw in some moving nonfiction and thoughtful ruminations on creativity and you have a compelling selection to choose from. Here are our recommendations for the current month.

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“Tiny Bones”: An Excerpt From Jen Fawkes’s “Tales the Devil Told Me”

Jen Fawkes cover

Today, we’re pleased to present an excerpt from Tales the Devil Told Me, the new collection by Jen Fawkes. Sharma Shields hailed its unexpected takes on familiar narratives, saying, “By subverting our notions of notorious villains, Jen Fawkes has conjured a magic talking mirror whose words reveal our collective humanity and vulnerability.” And if that piques your interest, read on for the story “Tiny Bones.”

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