Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s June 2021 Book Preview

June 2021 books

June’s here and it’s suddenly turned humid in our corner of the world. This isn’t all that surprising, but — for those who saver milder temperatures — it’s not exactly the best thing ever. And so, perhaps, it’s time to dub our June reads as ideal for reading in an air-conditioned room somewhere, or perhaps situated by a breezy outdoor spot. These books cover a lot of ground, from haunting memoirs to phantasmagorical fiction, as befits a time of constant change.

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Weekend Bites: John Brandon in the Times, Shane Jones Interviewed, Braff Visits the Rebbe, Deserving Rick Moody and More

John Brandon’s Citrus County, reviewed in the New York Times by Daniel Handler An interview with Shane Jones. Dan Chaon on the Bat Segndo Show. Rick Moody’s Five Fingers of Death is a deserved book. Joshua Braf Goes to 770 Eastern Parkway. “I walk into lobbies of untold beauty. I ascend in elevators fit for the gods. Then I walk outside again and see the street defaced by the cruel storefronts of bank branches and mall chains, scornful of beauty.”  […]

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John Brandon Looks Like a Badass Dude

A copy of Citrus County has been getting passed around to Vol. 1 contributors for the last few weeks.  We all like it, and wanted to hear more from John Brandon. We had our wish answered as The Rumpus did an interview with Mr. Brandon prior to their book club that will be discussing the book. Obviously a great read, but I’m having a hard time getting past the author’s picture; he looks like the guy who should be hunting […]

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