How to Break Even


How to Break Even
by Kristen Millares Young

I lost my best friend a few years ago. 

It was unexpected. 

I know what you’re thinking.  

No, she didn’t die, but our friendship did.

I thought we would become old in each other’s company. 

We used to talk about it.

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The Ethics of Fiction, the Ethics of History: An Interview With Kristen Millares Young

Kristen Millares Young

Claudia, the protagonist of Kristen Millares Young‘s debut novel Subduction, is in a complicated place when the book opens. Her marriage has fallen apart, and she’s en route to conduct ethically fraught anthropological work in the Makah Nation. What follows is a haunting work about intimacy, tradition, and trust — and a thoroughly lived-in portrait of a place and a community. I talked with Young about the novel’s origin, its evolution, and how her own work echoed that of her protagonist.

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