Sunday Stories: “In this fantasy Keanu Reeves saves me from myself—”

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In this fantasy Keanu Reeves saves me from myself—
by Leonora Desar

I was just over at Alyssa’s. I thought this would be a nice alternative to going to the beach with Kate, since for the most part me and Alyssa would be watching movies. This would satisfy my urge to be social while also setting an invisible timer. After about 15 minutes, after my urge to be social had died away, or been fulfilled, there would be only about a half hour left before I could say—hey Alyssa, how about that movie? It’s not that I don’t like Alyssa. I do. I like her a lot. It’s just that being social exhausts me. I have a charger but it’s: a) embarrassing plugging yourself into the wall b) most people don’t understand it. Therefore, it’s just easier to watch a movie.

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