Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s July 2021 Book Preview

July 2021 books

This July, your reading might get weird, with a host of new books dealing with mythical history or bizarre futures. Your reading might get insightful, unlocking a new way of seeing the world or an insight about yourself. Or your reading might be relevatory, prompting you to see or hear something familiar in a brand-new way. Here’s what’s on our reading list for this month.

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Documenting the Rural West in a New Book From Lisa Wells and Bobby Abrahamson

Last year, we published an essay from Lisa Wells titled “She’s a Grand Old Flag: A Diary of Small Town America.” Accompanied by the photography of Bobby Abrahamson, Wells minutely detailed aspects of life in a small Oregon town. The larger project from which that was taken has now been released as a book, titled The West Behind Us. As we’re huge admirers of Wells’s writing (and, for that matter, Abrahamson’s photography), I think it’s fair to say that this definitely has our interest […]

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