Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s August 2022 Book Preview

August 2022 books

As of this writing, we are currently hunkered down in an air-conditioned environment, given that the early days of August are a perfect example of why New York Augusts can be, shall we say, dank. Perhaps you’re following our lead; perhaps you’re doing your reading from a front porch, back yard, or beach chair instead. Either way, here are some of our recommendations for August reading. Hopefully, you’ll find something to savor from this list.

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“This is Somebody Living in a Glut of Images”: Lynne Tillman on Writing “Men and Apparitions”

Lynne Tillman’s work encompasses disparate forms, genres, and styles; the result is one of the most singular bibliographies in contemporary American literature. Her latest novel, Men and Apparitions, is centered around on an anthropologist pondering questions of masculinity and exploring his own personal and familial histories. I met with Tillman to discuss her latest novel, the line between essays and fiction, and more.

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