A Year of Favorites: Nick Curley

A Year of Favorites

Reading about science, economics, and history in order to get out of our bubble. It became important for me in 2013 to read things that weren’t about Brooklyn, American literature, booze, grub, hair, or the fifty-five TV shows you just have to be watching.  I get through non-fiction quicker than novels, because I’m not tearing it apart while I read it.  So I took to the stars and the soil whenever possible.  Livescience, Orion, The New Yorker, Cosmos, Discover, Outside, […]

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#tobyreads: A Trio of Granta’s Best Young British Novelists — Books by Helen Oyeyemi, Sarah Hall, & Ned Beauman

Mortifyingly, I haven’t actually read the current edition of Granta. I have a copy of it in my living room; I’ve thumbed through it a little bit: checked out some of the portraits; noted that Stephen Hall’s contribution seems to involve an interesting layout. But still: haven’t gotten to it yet. But that didn’t stop me from reading novels by three of the writers featured in said issue.

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