Sunday Stories: “Julia’s Detroit”

Detroit image

Julia’s Detroit
by Nicholas Rombes

Somehow, it was Julia’s Detroit. It seemed it always had been.

I’d been sent to Detroit to save someone, although in the end it was me who needed saving.

Maybe it was because I only understood the city through the filter of her stories and the byways of their telling. It was her eyes, after all, that showed me what to look at, what to ignore.

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“If Anything, the Film Directs You”: Nicholas Rombes on Making “The Removals”

The Removals, the first film from writer-director Nicholas Rombes, simultaneously occupies a number of bold artistic territories. It’s a speculative work about an underground organization revisiting and re-enacting moments from history to change society to their own end; it’s a paranoid thriller about members of that organization growing disenchanted with it; and it’s about the troubles can come when you attempt to revisit the past. (In this film there are echoes of everything from Charlie Kaufman’s film Synecdoche, New York […]

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