Literary Hauntings and Nameless Cities: An Interview With Amina Cain

Amina Cain

The last time I talked with Amina Cain it was 2013 and the subject was her book Creature. Now, Cain has returned with a new book, Indelicacy — a novel about a woman’s artistic awakening amidst questions of art, intimacy, and class. It’s a difficult book to describe, because so much of its power stems from the manner in which Cain tells it story: what she keeps in, what she leaves out, and how she transforms the familiar into something almost fantastical. I talked with Cain about her new book and how she created it earlier this month.

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Bites: Klosterman Needs to Pick a Train, Pamuk’s Museum, Blah Blah Ayn Rand, Girls in Trouble, High Places Get Spooky, and more.

I think by saying he is the “Buddha of New York’s L-train set“, Taylor Antrim of The Daily Beast is saying that Chuck Klosterman is big with “the hipsters”. However, I gotta say, I find Klosterman to be more of a F-train kinda guy — big with “the freelancers” and “hipster parents“.  That’s just me of course, and I’m usually wrong. Lit. Orhan Pamuk has a museum. What do you have? The UK name their first laureate for storytelling. His […]

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Indulging in Literary Spirits

What’s with various print media developing food and drink equivalents to literary writers, books, and characters? New Yorker’s The Book Bench and The Guardian’s BooksBlog do it. Every week, Lit Spirits, a weekly feature for Book Bench, employs their “resident mixologist” to “pair cocktails with characters from literature.” And the Guardian, similarly, has actively engaged commenters in a debate as to what type of coffee Turkish novelist and Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk would be. The idea is astonishingly frivolous […]

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