They Put A Gun In My Face About Poetry: The Liver Mush Interview with Graham Irvin

Graham Irvin

After I finished Graham Irvin’s new book, Liver Mush, I biked to the grocery store to buy some liver mush. In the frozen meat section, there was one solitary block of liver mush left—almost like it was waiting for me. I ate the liver mush on a pillsbury biscuit with American cheese, like Graham suggests in Liver Mush. The liver mush was phenomenal, an unexpected and great discovery. Liver Mush is also phenomenal, also an unexpected and great discovery. Two brand new delights in the course of an afternoon. It made for a good day. And you can discover them, too. They’re waiting for you, too. I had the pleasure of talking with Graham about liver mush and Liver Mush

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Case Studies’ Richard Brautigan Slow Jams

I’ve been a fan of Jesse Lortz since his days making music as one-half of The Dutchess and The Duke. And while Lortz’s musical history goes back before then — the man has an abundance of garage-rock work under his belt — his stark tales of hard living rarely fail to resonate.

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