Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s June 2021 Book Preview

June 2021 books

June’s here and it’s suddenly turned humid in our corner of the world. This isn’t all that surprising, but — for those who saver milder temperatures — it’s not exactly the best thing ever. And so, perhaps, it’s time to dub our June reads as ideal for reading in an air-conditioned room somewhere, or perhaps situated by a breezy outdoor spot. These books cover a lot of ground, from haunting memoirs to phantasmagorical fiction, as befits a time of constant change.

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“Mystery Comes Through Clarity”: An Interview With Rupert Thomson

I’ve been an admirer of Rupert Thomson‘s work for many years now, ever since reading his 2007 novel Death of a Murderer. Thomson’s work encompasses psychological realism and surreal dystopias; there’s fiction rooted in history and fiction exploring the emotional consequences of technology. His latest novel, Katherine Carlyle, is about a young woman coming to terms with the death of her mother and her own family history. It’s a sprawling, emotionally rich work, and we spoke at length about it during Thomson’s […]

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#tobyreads: Brief Notes on a Rupert Thomson Novel

I started reading the novels of Rupert Thomson a few years ago, based on the fact that Maud Newton had very good things to say about his work. I wasn’t disappointed–his novels Death of a Murderer, The Book of Revelation, and Divided Kingdom are all atmospheric, morally-charged fictions that continue to haunt me now, years after I first read them.

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