Sunday Stories: “Allentown”

"Allentown" image

by Ryan Sartor

I’d been sleeping with two women, both named Claire. Well, just one woman, really. Claire P. was the one I had sex with. Claire M. slept over, but we just kissed. My roommate, Randall, hated the situation. 

“You’ve been seeing both of them for close to a year,” he said. “There has to be an assumption of monogamy.”

“Why would anyone assume that?” 

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Announcing: Vol.1 Brooklyn at Popsickle Six

For the last few years, Vol.1 Brooklyn has been pleased to take part in Popsickle, an annual literary event bringing together readers and literary organizations from throughout the city. This year’s edition will take place at The Living Gallery (1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY) on the weekend of June 20th and 21st. Representing Vol.1 Brooklyn will be: Kashana Cauley Mensah Demary Ryan Sartor

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Sunday Stories: “Hamilton Heights”

Hamilton Heights by Ryan Sartor He rang the doorbell and felt his phone. “Is that you?” “Yes.” Inside the hallway, he spoke to her, the door opening into the mattress, into the middle of the room. College papers, handwritten letters, personality quizzes and mood questionnaires, assigned, filled out, used as bookmarks. Plates, bowls, cups, smaller bowls used as cups, a magazine, nail polish, lipstick on the dresser, the kitchen table, the bench against the back wall. He held flowers, soap, […]

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