Jonathan Wilson’s “Kick and Run” and the Golden Age of Soccer Writing

Kick and Run cover

Jonathan Wilson’sĀ Kick and Run is subtitled “Memoir With Soccer Ball,” which serves as a deeply accurate description of what one will find inside. Wilson’s life has taken him from his native London to Israel to the United States, where he currently resides. The book covers his family’s history, his own fondness for American literature, and the ways in which he has felt like an outsider, encompassing questions of culture, nationality, geography and aesthetics.. The through line here is Wilson’s passion […]

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Afternoon Bites: Corin Tucker’s Latest, Emma Straub’s Week in Culture, Simon Kuper on Soccer, and More

Jessica Hopper on Kill My Blues, the latest from the Corin Tucker Band. Emma Straub reveals her week in culture to Vulture. Interesting discussions afoot between indie-comics pioneer (with an admittedly terrifying take on gender relations) Dave Sim and the publisher Fantagraphics. Simon Kuper talked soccer (and his new book, about European soccer during World War II) with The Classical. Jonathan Lethem is a Rebecca Gates fan. The L MagazineĀ on what Why?’s current favorite things are. The excellent Florida punk […]

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