Recommended Books: July 2024

July 2024 Books

Are you, by any chance, seeking some reading recommendations for the month of July? Serendipitously, we happen to have a couple of those at the ready for your perusal. We’re thrilled that a couple of old favorites of ours are returning with new, genre-defying books this month; throw in some moving nonfiction and thoughtful ruminations on creativity and you have a compelling selection to choose from. Here are our recommendations for the current month.

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#tobyreads: Hello, Synchronicity

No, I’m not talking about the Police song. Last week, I worked at NYCC for a couple of days. My reading ended up being short and extra-portable. On Friday, as I was leaving my apartment, I grabbed two books from the to-read shelf. The first, Stacey D’Erasmo’s The Art of Intimacy: The Space Between, was one I wanted to have in my head for a story I was (and am) working on. I’d enjoyed her novel Wonderland considerably, and I was curious […]

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