Weekend Bites: Truman and Harry, David Byrne on Kindle, good friends-bad novels, Naked Lunch at 50, and more.

I always said Truman Capote knew the boy wizard, and nobody believed me.

So I guess I shouldn’t buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking because “unfortunately, that will probably send even more Meryl Streep wannabes straight to bookstores looking for food porn. And they will be sold bibles.”  Bummer (Slate)

David Byrne: Kindle DRM means “you are f*cked” (Thanks Boing Boing)

Two A.V. Chicago writers ask if Ferris Bueller was true to it’s Chicago backdrop

Jens Lekman will play your wedding, if your rich uncle will pay. (Thanks P4K)

Madonna loves gypsies, and Romania hates her for that. (Thanks Village Voice)

The Millions link the interview Stop Smiling did with William Burroughs, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Naked Lunch.

What do you do if a friend has you read their terrible novel?