Bites: Turdsworth, the man who makes Pekar tweet, The Twilight Sad, and more

Romantics get saucy!  Lord Byron referred to William Wordsworth as “Turdsworth” in a letter.  Now somebody can own that letter, and many others by the poet.

Are we excited seeing trailers for the new Wes Anderson film, Fantastic Mr. Fox?  Yes we are.


Jeff Newelt: The man, the myth, the dude who tweets for Harvey Pekar.

Nick Cave: “An aspirant solipsist

Starbucks saved a life, but how was the book?

After all this zombie talk, it was finally time to get George A. Romero to pen a novel.

Crack literature?  Not for Roberto Bolano.

Deckfight revisits the McSweeney’s book, Arkansas.

One reviewer said Totally Killer by Greg Olear is “American Psycho meets I Love the ’90s.”  Alright, I’m sold.  And the booknotes at Largehearted Boy aren’t bad either.


Start your day listening to The Twilight Sad

I wonder what Alex Ross thinks about Andrew WK and his classical inclinations.

Sunny Day Real Estate on Jimmy Fallon

Vivian Girls in Sydney


Movie posters for minimalists. (via Boing Boing)

Trailer for the Bicycle Film Festival film