Random Obsessions: Finding Food on the Interweb

It’s sort of hard not to like bloggers that just go around eating pizza and report on it, and it’s even harder not to like them when they have one of my favorite zine writers, Aaron Lake Smith, tag along.  So Slice Harvester has won my heart.  I’m especially fond of the caption involving Aaron’s hand, and the latest slice for review, that reads, “Notice Aaron’s hand poised to accost this slice, symbolizing the ever-present threat of the Capitalist Death Culture.”

Slice Harvester isn’t the only pizza blog worth reading.  There is of course Slice, and while they can’t boast the company of any zine writers we like, I would have never known about Bill’s Pizza and Pub in Mundelien, Il. for the next time I go to Chicago.  Taxidermy, Styrofoam plates and a “double decker” pizza?  I’m sold in a completely bad way.

I decided out of boredom, I should mention a few more food blogs that I like, just because it’s Monday, and what else do you have to look forward to?

  • I don’t eat meat, but I’ve had this weird reoccurring dream where I just go crazy, and eat a bunch of bacon.  Is that weird?  Is it also weird that in my waking hours, I read Bacontarian?

Any good waffle blogs anybody know about?  What about grilled cheese?  Dumplings, hot sauce, potato chips?  Anybody?

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