World Goes Apeshit for Justin Taylor

And why not?

Over at Jewcy, some really awesome guy named Jason Diamond interviews Taylor:

You know when I don’t feel like an outsider? When I’m writing. Sitting at the desk, not warming up or editing drafts, but actually in the act of producing words in a new order they’ve never been in before, telling a story that’s never before been told. That’s when I feel like the best incarnation of myself; that’s me being who and what and where and how I’m meant to be.

At Greenpoint Gazette, Juliet Linderman (who sounds nearly as awesome as Mr. Diamond) talks to Taylor about the writing community in Brooklyn:

“We read together, some of us even have lived together, and we all admire each other, but there’s no aesthetic through-line. Writing is a solitary act, but having a support system to fall back on—it’s about giving us something to do in our free time when we’re not writing. We share the fruits of our labor, and that’s where the value is.”

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